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The Bear is counting down

MIdburn 2022 is less than 60 days away, and these 60 days will pass so quickly we will all be at the city gates quicker than we expect. This is the time to take stock of what we have done so far and look ahead to everything this amazing community is doing to get ready for the big day.

Stick with us to read about upcoming meetings, learn how to connect to sound, electricity and water, hear about bringing kids to Midburn and more.

3…2…1 and here we go!

Let’s Get together

So many meetings so little time!

First up is the Community meetup. This is the place to come ask questions, raise issues that are bothering you and discuss anything you feel needs discussing.

Wednesday August 17


Hatchiya 14, Tel Aviv

Up next are two meetings for all of our artists. These are community members who are volunteering their time and expertise to help all of us bring amazing art to the playa.

Working with concrete - an interactive workshop where we will learn techniques of working with concrete and creating texture, pigment and color

Wednesday Sept. 14

Arten Betonada Studio, Limon St. Ramot Hashavim

The workshop is limited to 12 participants, sign up through WhatsApp - 052-8836883.

Led Workshop - Is there anything Burners love more than LED? You are invited to an Arduino and LED workshop, you should have some basic knowledge and bring a laptop!

Tuesday Sept. 13th 7pm

Hanechoshet 6, Ramat Hachayal, Tel Aviv, fifth floor

Sign up through WhatsApp - 0545234130.

And finally we have The Camp Leaders Meetup - This meeting is for camp leaders to learn tools to help you lead your camp to success and understand how you can enjoy the process and have a chance to discuss problems and solutions with other leaders.

Sunday August 21st 8 pm

Hatchiya 14 Tel Aviv

Second Virgin's Meeting

If this is your first time in Midburn this is the place to be. We will discuss how to survive the event, what to bring, the emotional aspect of surviving Midburn and more

Friday Aug. 26th

Neve Tzedek garden at noon

Important info

Midburn is an amazing, fun spectacular experience, but part of making that happen is making sure everything runs right. Below you can find information about connecting to electricity, registering sound equipment, clearing restrooms, and bringing a caravan.

Sound Permit- Starting this year all sound content needs to be registered ( art installations, art cars, sound camps etc.)

You need to register by August 16

Any questions can be addressed to

The Electric Slide - This year everyone (including freecampers) can order electricity here

Bathroom management - Talk to our supplier here

RV Guidelines - If you are planning on coming with an RV here is the long awaited guidelines

Center Camp Call to Action

Each Midburn has a center camp where you can come rest in the middle of the day, hear a lecture, learn a new activity and more. And center camp wants you! If you have a talk, spokenword, standup, workshop or anything else you can dream of you are invited to showcase it.

Sign up is open until August 31st, so don’t miss this opportunity

Philhar-burn project - call out for orchestra player Imagine a symphony orchestra accompanied by a techno set and maybe even playing a short symphony piece .. and all of this with a background of the amazing sunset in the desert or the traditional man-woman Burn

So yes… This is happening

If you want to join this dream please fill out this form and we will contact you for more details

Needless to say, we will find a storage/ transportation solution that suits the special needs of the various musical instruments

Help Us Help You

We’d like to take th opportunity to end this issue with an unapologetic abuse of power. A message from us at Midburn Media to all of you - Help us help you!

If there is any message you want to share with the community, let us know and we will see what we can do to help spread the message. If your art installation needs more hands, if you have a manifest about the 10 principals, if you have an amazing idea to improve life at Midburn - Let us know at

Let’s spread the word!


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