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Second First Timers Meeting

After a successful first First Timers meeting, it’s time for the second (and last).

The meeting will take place on Friday August 26 at 12:00 noon, in Neve Tzedek Garden (same as the last meeting)..

Who is it for?

Anyone for whom this is the first event, and anyone who misses that feeling.

Also invited - camps and departments looking for new members, partnerships, volunteers, or just meeting each other and have fun.

What is it about?

The event is moments away, and excitement is at its peak, we’ll talk about how to survive Midburn, how to click with camps, how to cope emotionally, how to arrive, how to set up, what to bring, and any other question you can imagine (we will not talk about how to get a ticket though).

What to bring?

Something to drink because it’s gonna be hot, something comfy to sit on, and something tasty to share.

Everybody’s invited!


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