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The art of photography - Midburn 2022

Below are the agreed upon guidelines and agreements for the community based photography artists, forming how photography should be done at Midburn 2022

  • Approval for photography - Ask First

  • I am committed to ask for Consent

  • I am committed to ask for consent to publish the photograph in the community.

  • I am committed to ask for consent to publish the photograph publicly.

  • I am committed to delete any image at the request of the photographed subject - at the time of the event and even after publication.

  • I know that photography of minors is allowed only with their guardian's approval.

  • Commercialization

  • Photography for commercial purposes is prohibited and contradicts the nature of the event.

  • Publication in the press or on television is allowed with authorization from theSpokesperson's Department, and requires signing a special agreement prior to the event.

  • Publications in exhibitions, museums and/or books are allowed with authorization from the Spokesperson's Department and require signing a special agreement prior to the event.

  • It is prohibited to sell photographs or videos taken at Miburn events, not even in photo repositories. It is allowed to publish only in Editorial databases subject to approval from the Spokesperson’s department.

  • Credit

  • Photography and all its aspects are a form of self-expression between the photographer and the subject - this includes art installations.

  • In accordance with the event’s rules and regulations, the rights for all photos are shared between the Midburn association and the photographers.

  • Drone regulations

  • As of 2018, Israeli law permits only licensed operators to fly drones.

  • A Drone operator should follow the rules of approved photographers.

What is the right way of doing it?

A collection of guiding principles designed to help us feel at ease in the event space and the relationship between photographer and subject.

  • Agreement - ask yourself

  • Am I intruding into the personal space of the subject?

  • Does the picture show respect to the photographed?

  • Avoid wide angle photos that include a large number of participants who did not express consent.

  • Communication

  • Create verbal or visual communication with the photographer or subject

  • Midburn is a community - try to find the people you feel connected to and document from a friendly space of common understanding

  • Sharing

  • Photography is a gift for the community - sharing the photographs with those in the photo is highly recommended.

  • How to approach?

  • Try to be part of the experience and not watch from the side.

  • Immediacy - Experience the moment before you pull out the camera. You might miss something sometimes, but you gained an experience that will last forever. Take note not to interrupt the subject(s) of the photo when they are enjoying the moment.

  • Try to use close distance photography - it will lead to better communication, sensitivity to the surrounding, and better results.

  • Observe and recognize the sensitivities and boundaries of those around you- create trust between the subjects and the camera.

Note: In the above, the word photography and image refers to still photography as well as video shooting.

This document is not a legal one. The rules and regulations of photography in the event are included in the Midburn events conditions of participation.

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