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You are invited to participate

What we all create will become our reality

You've heard a lot about the fact that "Midburn is not a festival" But what does that really mean?

The truth is that it means a lot, but mostly it means that at Midburn there is a very strong emphasis on participation. At Midburn there are no production teams that create the content, no one to make sure that you will find it interesting or fun, or that you will have great music experiences, or delicious meals or food at all, or that you will have a great time, or that people will clean up after you. Midburn is an event where only what you, as a participant, create, actually happens.

If you create and bring art installations, there will be art.

If you bring a sound system, there will be music.

If you bring food, there will be food.

If you bring alcohol, there will be alcohol.

If you clean up after yourself, it will be clean.

If you create something cool for the Playa, the Playa will be cool.

Whatever you don't bring or create will not exist!

If you've never been to Midburn this might sound a bit sucky initially. But actually when you think about it and then experience it, you will discover that there is nothing more amazing in the whole world.

Midburn in general, and the principle of participation in particular, will allow you to realise your desires and dreams, to realise anything you always wanted to do in the default life and can not for all sorts of reasons.

You are called to meet

You can be the DJ or bartender you always wanted to be, you can make dreams come true, fulfill desires, you can do anything, be everything, take the people around you on a flight, and through them ‘fly’ yourself, because there is nothing more satisfying than seeing someone else enjoy something you created for the Playa.

More than that, participating in Midburn will allow you to make new connections with people you would have not otherwise met, whether while working jointly on a new work of art, on a voluntary shift at the gate or with the nomads, with a friend at your camp or in a million other creative ways.
The truth is that coming to Midburn and actively participating is a unique experience. Special, powerful, empowering and exciting!

Participation will contribute to the experience and you may even take a great insight or two into your day to day life, outside of Playa (yes, insights will always come...).

Participation does not have to be huge, it can be small yet significant :-) There are no rankings of your participation and none that are considered better or worse. Whatever will be fun, enjoyable and flow for you, anything you provide will be received with love.

Want to participate and not not sure how? You can start from the form that is right here below, and as the preparations for the event progress, you may find additional ways that will be right for you.

Come, we are waiting for you with an open heart and a tone of love and great vibes.

Production departments

The production department is you, you and I, who choose to do for all the participants of the event
Before, during and after the event
To allow it to exist.
It can be in the gate, in the movement, in the communication clinic and in many other departments.
We need you and us to make sure the city rises from the dust


Content Participation

Art and theme camps
Content in Midburn is complete self-expression in the form of fulfilling dreams, the dreams of the giver and of those who choose to receive / consume the content.
The dream can come in the form of a crazy or minimalist and tiny installation, an inspiring theme camp or one that challenges the recipient, art car that is hard to believe the moment has passed
Or live performance that leaves us speechless and full of energy
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