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Updates from the licensing process 2 - Sound

Midburn is the third largest temporary art city in the world with extraordinary artistic and cultural wealth. This year, the city which we are building together will contain about 180 art installations, roughly 44 art cars and something like 10 incredible shows. Our city will also have about 160 fascinating themed camps, where together we will eat, drink, laugh, get to know each other, learn, have fun, experiment, talk, listen, create, get a haircut, hang out in space or just stare at the city.

There are workshops, live performances, karaoke, games, lectures, talks, parties and even a philharmonic orchestra.

Since the first Midburn, back in 2014, we have been dealing with various requirements in the licensing process and in recent years with additional challenges regarding sound in the city.

This year, as part of the licensing conditions of the Israel Police, we were asked to comply with the noise law in its entirety. This means complete silence in the city during the hours set by law:

16:00 - 14:00

07:00 - 23:00


Additional requests were received, but they are less substantial and do not concern the sound.

As of this moment, these are the licensing conditions. We operate in accordance with the principle of civil responsibility and in full coordination with all parties and authorities in Israel.  That said, we are currently working to find understandings with the police, the neighbors and the other authorities that will allow us to experience Midburn in the best way that is closest to what we know, without disturbing the neighbors- a vibrant energetic city that operates 24/6.

Different strategic teams are working vigorously on several levels.

The sound leaders in the city are updated, aware of the situation and are looking for solutions.

If you think you can contribute to these efforts, you are invited to join:

It is indeed a complex challenge, but as we have learned in previous times, new and interesting collaborations and initiatives are born from challenges. Now close your eyes and imagine our city, with all the lights and colors, the art and music, the desert and the wind, and breathe deeply..

We have a city and it is stunning

Soon it will rise from the dust

We are on our way home, we are on # our way to Midburn.


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