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The program for guiding and enriching artists.

Wanted - a leader to manage the program for guiding and enriching artists

The Midburn association and the content department are planning to create an annual program for guiding and enriching artists.

The program will focus on two tracks:

  1. A series of enriching content to artists in various areas, such as sketching, use of relevant professional software (arduino, evelton and such), etc.

  2. From inspiration to execution - how do you transform vision to reality, safety aspects, what are the foundations of the burn art, the art trust and more.

What are we looking for?

Good knowledge of the Midburn world and work with the art department.

An organizational ability, self initiative and production ability.

Excellent management and human relations.

Team work

Availability to produce several meetings throughout the year

  • This is a volunteering role within the content department

  • please send us an email:


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