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Art and Live Performance at Midburn - Show and Panel

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

“The world's a stage”

Dear artists! Come join us for an evening of performances!

We invite you to come up on stage and perform on this special artistic evening!

What is suitable for our stage? Singing, dancing, reading, spoon drumming and intense leg splits. Everything goes as long as it’s 3-4 minutes long.

Performing tickles your passions? Fill in this form, send it to us by 21.6 and we will reach out:

At the end of the show we will be hosting a panel on: how to create communal art?

Our panelists:

Anat Frenkel: Performer and performance producer, one of Midburn’s founders and former head chairwoman. Former Midburn architect, co-founder of Camp Backstage. Female partner of the duo “The Decadence” which creates radio shows, events and communal art shows

Yael Anoch: Performer and a Midburn veteran, founder and active leader of Cirque Du Shlapy (Do you know who the O.G Shlapy is?). Believes that Midburn is the ideal platform to release your dreams from your inner heart’s desires to action and enjoys helping out to materialize those dreams, whatever they may be

Bar Karati: Musician and workshops host. Creator of the Midburn Sound Bath and an active partner of several Burner’s acts and recordings throughout the years. Loves the Burn’s space for creation, inspiration and companionship.

Released two albums and very recently released the guided nap inspired by the Sound Bath.


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