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The Bear Stands in Line for Tickets

Good Morning Midbuuurrnnnnn

Today I woke up, stepped out of my cave, stretched and just as I started thinking about breakfast I suddenly remembered!

I have to tell you about the ticket sale coming up!!! The first sale for Midburn 2022 will happen on July 14th, Thursday.

In order to buy a ticket in this sale you will need to register. Read more about it here.

Midburn ticket sales

So We’ve discussed the upcoming sale on July 14th but there will be other sales after it.

July 27th - The sale will be for Participation Tickets

How many tickets? 3,300

If you are an international participant this is your sale!

August 10th This sale is for Internationals, Ticket Aid Program (low income), Accessibility & Special Needs and Seniors.

How many tickets? 685

August 25th - This sale is for Production Departments Participants

How many tickets? 1,800

September 15th - OMG sale For anyone who wishes to come home

How many tickets? as many as possible :) all remaining tickets (i.e. allocations that were not realized in the previous participation sales) will be made available here.

We will have more details on all these sales as they come up so stay tuned.

Read everything about ticket sales here

What to expect when expecting

As you know last week we finished the registration for camps and art and I am excited to tell you

182 camp are registered

243 art installations, 10 of which are performance based

40 art cars

I’d say that’s a pretty good start.

Theme for Real

I'm a simple bear, so I didn't always get why we need a different theme each year. But the truth is that somehow, each year really represented the theme. Last year I really felt like I was coming home. This year our theme is transition - to me that means change, a period of in between, movement. What do you think of when you hear transition?

To read more about the inspiration for the theme with examples from physics, biology, art and more


In this issue we talked a lot about how to get tickets, we know that most tickets are designated for people who bring something to the table, and the truth is this venture, this city in the desert doesn't exist without all of us participating. But is participation more than how we get tickets? Is it actually why we are doing this whole thing?

Read more here


The Bear is nothing if not a seasoned headhunter (get it? Because I’m a bear). So I want to find the best people to fill all the open posts!

Starting with Foodonation. If you want to join the department that literally feeds the hungry click here:


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