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Open ticket sale

The ticket sale will start on July 14th, 8:00 PM

The sale is open to anyone

Tickets availability in this sale event is only for Adult and Vehicle/RV tickets.

How do you participate?

The open ticket sale starts in The Burn-Squid Games

The games are open now and will close on July 13th at 8:00PM (24hrs before the sale).

The sale has two steps:

Step one: Complete the Burn-Squid games After successfully completing the game you will be added to the open sale community in the ticketing system and you will be allowed to participate in the sale on the 14th (The sale will be available only to the members of the “Open Sale” group). If you did not complete the games 24 hours before the sale (By 13.7.22 at 20:00), you will not be allowed to enter the open sale group and will not be able to purchase a ticket in that sale.

Step two: Registering in the ticketing system On the day of the sale, participants will receive an email with a link to the sale page and we will post the link in social media and on the website. Don’t wait for the last minute, find the link, click it and make sure everything works and that you are ready for the sale at 20:00.

Most importantly - You must register with the same email to the Burn-Squid Games and to the ticketing system. Can’t login? Make sure you entered the same email.

You’re sure you completed the burn games and did not receive an email on the 14th? Contact support at

Registration to the sale does not guarantee a ticket. Please keep reading :)

How will the ticket sale work?

The sale will open on July 14 at 8PM (Israel time)

At 7:30PM the link to the sale event will be published on Facebook, Instagram stories, and on the Midburn’s home page.

The sale is “first come first serve”.

*Diners cards are not accepted.

Anyone who successfully registered to the sale event is welcome to try and get a ticket in the Open Sale group in the ticketing system.

*Ticket cancellation is per the relevant law and done through the ticket purchase system

**Ticket transfers will be available starting 1/08

Attention 2:

What if I didn’t register on time?

What do I do if I forgot one of the steps in the registration?

What do we do if we put different email addresses in the game and ticket registration system?

Unfortunately, you can’t purchase a ticket in this sale event in any of these cases.

But, you can try another time - there are plenty of other ways to purchase a ticket - these are just the first 1000 tickets.

There is no point to contact the ticketing support team. Just get updated about future sale events here.

And yet, if you didn’t understand something, you’re not sure, there is doubt? Contact Miburn’s support team now at: or on messenger: midburn. The team is here to support you and resolve any confusion.

So, we wish you all the luck. We love you and want to remind you that in Midburn, “The burner plans and Midburn laughs”. So stay close and flexible. And remember, “The playa will provide”.

See you in the playa in the dust, soon.


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