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Tickets Transfer Procedure

Participation Tickets can be transferred until the day on the event. 


Special Categories Tickets (Accessibility, Seniors, Internationals and Ticket Aid Program (low income)) - can be transferred until September 25th only.


Please note - Midburn does not take part in the money transfer or agreements of the participants of the ticket transfer.


Ticket transfer this year will take place through our ticketing system, and should become available on August 9st.


On the first step, the participant holding the ticket (i.e. the seller) will be able to fill in the transfer details herself in our ticketing platform. Following this, on the second step - the community manager in the ticketing platform (i.e. the production department/theme camp/art installation leader) will need to approve or reject the transfer. 


  1. Tickets bought in the Early Birds Sale and in the OMG Sale - can be transferred to any participant.

  2. Tickets allocated by Production department/Art Installation/Theme Camp - can be transferred only to members of that same community in the ticketing platform, and only with the approval of that department/content/theme camp leader.

  3. Special categories tickets (Accessibility, Seniors, Internationals and Ticket Aid Program (low income)) - can be transferred only by contacting the Ticketing Department ( Such tickets can only be transferred to another eligible participant from the waiting list. The Ticketing Department will match you with an eligible participant and will handle the ticket transfer. Requests for transferring Special Categories Tickets can be made only until September 25th. 

  4. Car tickets will also be transferable.  


As a whole, tickets can be transferred until the day of the event (excluding special categories tickets, that can be transferred only until 25.09), a ticket that was canceled cannot be transferred. 


A ticket that was transferred is no longer valid for it’s original holder, and she will not be able to use it to access the event. 

Open-Sale Ticket Transfer Form:


  • If you bought your ticket in the open sale, you should fill the following form:


Production\Art\Theme Camps Ticket Transfer Form:

  • If you bought an allocated ticket - the manager of the department\camp\art installation should fill the following form:


In both cases, you can fill the Ticket Transfer Form until October 5th. We highly recommend doing it by September 30th :)

Vehicle/Trailer transfer form here

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