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From the Hive | So how do you organize and set up a camp at Midburn?

Do you have experience? This is a call for you to share your experience.

Greetings to all camp leaders.

For Miburn 2022, we want to help camp leaders be more successful in their task.

We want to create a knowledge base in a wide area of topics that are related to leading a camp at Midburn.

The guides in the knowledge base will be published throughout the preparation period of the event and will be adjusted to the required tasks at each phase.

We want to collect the knowledge from those who gained the experience in past burns and believe they can contribute to the new, and even experienced, camp leaders.

So, if there is a topic that you pass your knowledge on, something you learned and believe that every camp leader should know about, some important message you want to convey, and/or some difficult problem you solved and other camps can benefit from your solution - we want your participation.

Below are a list of topics we believe could benefit camp leaders - feel free to suggest additional topics or subtopics. If you want to write a guide, please email us.

List of topics:

  • Kitchen

  • People

  • Budget

  • Art

  • Setup and teardown

  • Sensitive challenges in leading a camp

  • Logistics

  • Gifting


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