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First timer

Updated: May 23, 2022

First time in this leg of the woods?

Bringing someone to the city for the first time?

Beautiful - this post is for you!

The Midburn First Timers Meeting 2022 will be held on Friday 17.6

12:00 Gathering

12:30 Chit Chat

The Burn starts here!

Does this mean?

On Friday we will gather in the afternoon for a First Timers meeting in Neve Tzedek Garden.

Link to the group on WhatsApp

We will talk about the community, togetherness, participation, upcoming events, expectations, concerns, about how to take part and we will also meet new friends, volunteer, be happy, hugged (if consensual) and hyped for the next event.

Who is invited?

Everyone, especially those for whom this is the first time or feel like it's the first time.

Why so early? To encourage connections, participation and community discussions prior to talking about ticketing and how to deal with scorpions and dust.

Will there be another meeting? Probably.

Will the meeting be filmed? No.

Will there be a Zoom meeting? Not for the time being.

Can I bring a friend? Yes.

Can I bring a dog? Yes.

See you there,

HR / Human Capital Department


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