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About Midburn Association

Midburn Association (R.A 580567600),

Is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 with the goal of acting and promoting artistic endeavor and community effort in the spirit of the Ten Principles and culture of the Burning Man event in the United States.


The association's vision:

"To encourage and create experiential spaces based on personal participation, which inspire and motivate social, environmental and cultural development"


Among the association's goals:

To implement an innovative culture based on the ten principles of the Burning Man organization in the USA:

Radical Inclusion

Communal Effort


Civic Responsibility


Leaving No Trace

Radical Self-reliance

Radical Self-expression



  • To act as the official representatives in Israel of the Burning Man organization in the United States, to maintain continuous contact with it for the purposes of learning, instilling values ​​and assimilating culture in the local community.

  • To encourage and support the creation of unique, interactive and innovative art in Israel.

  • To promote the culture of volunteering in Israel, to strengthen participation, social involvement and community action inside and out.

  • All activities of the association are devoid of political symbols and commercial publications.

  • The goals of the association apply to all human beings wherever they are, regardless of nationality, religion, race, sex and/or sexual preference

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