Tickets Transfer Procedure

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Tickets can be transferred no later than October 16, 2021.

We do not deal with money transfer between the participants, Once the request is approved, the money will change hands between the seller and the buyer.

A ticket allocated by the Production, Content, or Art departments, or to Theme Camp leaders, can ONLY be transferred after sending your camp leader or department head a update stating your intention, by Oct 16, 2021, indicating that you are forfeiting your allocated ticket, with an attached photo of your ID card.

Your leader then will fill out the Ticket Transfer Form.

It is impossible for a participant who forfeited such a ticket to be allocated another one.

A ticket that was purchased in an Accessibility Tickets / seniors tickets/ low income / OMG Sale / International tickets/ or any other special tickets can be transferred by submitting the Participant Ticket Transfer Form to the ticketing department by OCT 16, 2021, together with an attached photo of your ID card.

After the request is approved, the ticket will be transferred through the system to a new approved participant, and money will change hands between the seller and the buyer.

*Submitting a transfer request doesn’t guarantee approval.

*Midburn is not tracking nor responsible for money transfer between participants.

In case of a ticket transfer, the following is required for the additional payment fee -

Transferring the ticket before the additional fee was added - the seller will transfer the ticket at its original price, while it’s not valid and cannot be scanned at the gate. The buyer will be required to add the additional payment (70 or 140 NIS, depending on the ticket type), and will then receive an updated and scannable ticket.

Transferring the ticket after the additional fee was added - the buyer will transfer the full payment amount (including the additional fee) and will receive an updated and valid ticket.


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