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Ticket extension procedure (additional fee)

Okay, so after we've taken a breath , let's talk about how exactly the extra payment for attending Midburn will be collected (and for anyone that was on the moon this past week and is not sure what the hell we are talking about, feel free to read it all here).

So how is it going to happen?

Everyone who purchased a participation ticket will receive an email by 5.10.21 (October 5th) with an invitation to pay an additional amount to complete the total ticket price . The email will look exactly like the email you received when you purchased the original ticket.

The email will include a link to pay the additional fee, according to the following:

  1. Holders of a regular ticket (including accessibility and the third age) will be asked to pay 140 NIS.

  2. Holders of low-income / site/ site leader tickets will be asked to pay 70 NIS.

  3. For children tickets there is no additional charge

  4. For a car passes there is no additional charge

After making the payment you will receive a new ticket by email.

What is the deadline to pay the additional fee?


What if I don't complete the payment?

In this case, your ticket will be marked as inactive and you will not be able to enter the event with it.

And if I have not yet purchased a ticket, but will do so at the next ticket sale?

Participants who will purchase a ticket at the next sales - will purchase it at full price, including the addition of 140 NIS or 70 NIS fee depending on the type of ticket.

Okay, so now I'll have two tickets, what should I present at the gate?

When you arrive at the gate you will be required to present only the “completion” ticket. The previous ticket will be inactive and will not pass the barcode reader.

To avoid mistakes, the new ticket will look different in color and shape from the existing ticket.

Questions? Issues? Works for me / does not work for me, I received / did not receive?

Contact Support at


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