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Updated: Oct 17, 2021

19/10/21 @ 20:00

The open ticket sale - OMG

The sale will take place on 19/10/2021, at 8pm.

The tickets will be sold through the ticketing system, at this link -

It’s highly recommended you register on the site now and not wait for the day of the sale.

The sale is open to everyone. There is no raffle or queue - anyone can enter. The first people to complete the purchase process will be the ticket holders.

Be prepared with your ID number and payment method in advance (American Express cards are not accepted).

Each participant can only purchase a single ticket as well as a single vehicle or RV pass. Children tickets can be purchased once the sale ends.

Before you purchase, please read Midburn 2021’s Terms of Service, specifically section 10 about cancellations.

On the day of the sale, use this link -

No tickets will be available right now, but once the sale opens - the purchase option will appear.

Keep calm and refresh.

Be brave and the playa will provide.


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