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The Green Pass

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Midburn follows the Green Pass guidelines.

At each entrance to the event, the QR code of the new green pass will be scanned (the old green pass is not valid according to state guidelines), and those arriving at the establishments will also be required to present the green pass.

No other approvals will be accepted, the green sign must be displayed.

Temporary green pass - If you are not eligible for a new green pass, a temporary green pass can be obtained after a quick check by MDA or any other authorized supplier on behalf of the state.

Participants who are not citizens of Israel are required to present a valid PCR test from the last 72 hours.

At each departure from the city, back to the event, the green pass for the scan must be displayed at the gate. Once the city gates open a quick antigen test station will open near the outside entrance gate (i.e. will not be available at the time of construction), the cost of the test will be at the expense of the participant. Price will be updated soon.

- social responsibility: Please avoid arriving in the city if you have had corona symptoms in the last 72 hours before arrival: Fever, unexplained fatigue, difficulty or shortness of breath, dry cough. Other symptoms can include muscle aches, headaches, sore throats and loss of sense of taste and smell. If you developed symptoms during the event please update the people you were near and leave the city immediately.

In addition, and in accordance with the Green Pass guidelines:

- Please be conscious of personal space.

- Wearing a face cover in public spaces is mandatory.


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