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Starting to dream - Midburn 2022 events

After Midburn 2021 and some much needed recovery time, I started thinking about what Midburn 2022 would bring to us all and what this year would look like.

If there is one thing I have learned in recent years, it's that there is a lot of passion in this community, a passion for doing, a passion for essence, and for creation.

This passion, the culture of the Burn and the experiences we go through at the various events, manage to flow into our daily lives to one degree or another.

The year of Midburn 2022 will be accompanied by this theme -


How do we make this transition from the default to the so-called utopian reality that we actuate during the Burn and how do we make the transition back to the default?

We are constantly in transitions, both personal and collective, of environment, of consciousness and of reality.

The last two years have seemed sometimes stagnant and have made us all face changes and familiarize ourselves with the flexibility required for change. When change does happen and we find ourselves in a new situation, there is mobility at all times, there is no dichotomy, everything is fluid and flexible and only requires for us to be in the here and now, immediately.

As I sat on the work plan for this year, it was through these eyes which I looked at it.

We open the year of Midburn 2022 with an exciting Purim event in Masada. A Masquerade Ball.

Why a masquerade ball where we wear masks and hide our face, you ask?

On the one hand, it's Purim so dressing up is obvious. On the other hand, the institutional masks have been with us every day for two years now, and it's time to mix it up.

Our masks are a reflection of ourselves. They are the expression of the self that one is.

How do we show our self-expression on Purim and what does the transition from the default to this reality look like now? Which work is our work of art, symbolic of our own creative vision and of our ability to create?

With what mask do we want to present ourselves this time and who is the person wearing the mask? What parts does this mask bring out within us and what expression of ours does it represent?


Now that we are all used to walking around with the establishment masks, let's play with our other masks. This is an opportunity to break out some other masks which perhaps receive less expression and attention on a daily basis.

Midburn Talk

The Midburn community and the Burn community in general, in Israel, consists of thousands of individuals, each with a story and within that story an entire world. The goal of this event is to create a platform where we will share stories from the worlds of the Burn. Stories of artists and creators / participants / strategic partners and more. We seek to get a broad 360-degree image that goes beyond creating an art event. By looking at the Burn as an accelerator for insights, changes, new or different perceptions, we seek to delve deeper into the culture, being and ongoing impact of the Burn worlds on us as community members in Israel and around the world.


Burn In-Motion is a one-of-a-kind event, a Burn that allows accessibility, wonder in motion and an artistic space that is a playground for adults and children alike.

Movement is life, when you stay in one place and when you stop breathing nothing will happen. While in motion, even if you do not know exactly where the movement is taking you, everything flows and is possible.

This is a year of transitions, transitions between worlds and parts within us. We are all separated from what no longer serves us, connected to something new indeed. Learn to live with the uncertainty, with the movement of the transitions.

Midburn 2022

What is left to say about Midburn that hasn't already been said? The city that rises from dust and returns to dust.

Now that we know that it is possible, that everything is possible, we will make our city rise again in 2022! We will make it happen for those of us who experienced wonder and inspirations in the city, and for transitions and changes both internal and external.

What else do we want to happen this year?

Community discourse on safe spaces, harassment and vulnerability

Our own ticketing system and profiles

An open space and accessible Midburn Gallery in the center

Cultural discourse under our communication department

So this is the work plan, the dream plan.

In our reality there is nothing standing in our way stopping us from making this dream actualize, however on the other hand there is no knowing what the future brings. We love to dream and create a reality where dreams also come true, and will continue dreaming until it becomes our reality.

As we already know, any plan that will not become a reality has its own way and we are required to have mental flexibility and do what we can to ensure that as many things as possible can stand on their own and self actuate.

Just before you start asking questions about schedules and ticketing plans, let’s just say, everything will be revealed soon. Right now, we just wanted to put it out here for you to get excited with us about this year and all the amazing stuff it will bring. This really starts in just a moment at the Masquerade Ball, remember? .

*** If you’d like to contact me about something specific that you would not want to disappear between comments on this or that social network, a question, comment, comment, optimization suggestion or anything on any topic, this form can be filled out and I promise to respond within a reasonable time.



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