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Moop Team Update

On the way to the masquerade

We’ll verify we have in our bag:

  • Non-disposable cup

  • personal ashtray

  • A refillable water bottle

  • Trash bag

  • Non-disposable container with food

We’ll make sure we DON'T have in the bag:

  • Items that may fall or fly away: pins, stickers, glitter, feathers, etc.

  • Disposable dishes

  • Packagings that can stay at home

  • Anything that may turn into trash

Anything that comes with us, goes back home with us!

As the sun rises on Saturday morning - we’ll join the communal effort to return to the permanent dwellers of the desert their house just as we received it.

The MOOP team will go around and remind us to look around and pick up any matter that doesn’t belong there and put it in our trash bags.

We won’t bring with us trash from home. Throughout the duration of the masquerade we’ll make sure that we keep our trash with us and at the end of the masquerade we’ll make sure the area is clean and without any trace.

With great love, the MOOP team (Matter Out Of Place), the desert animals, Masada and Mother Earth!


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