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Form for Registering Content for the Masquerade Ball

"We achieve being through doing"… From - Participation - One of the ten principles

We invite each of you to create, become, belong and participate

It's time to close your eyes and dream the upcoming Masquerade Ball! Think to yourself, what would I like to see at the ball? How would I like it to look? Who would I like to see at this ball alongside myself? Do I want to participate in creating it’s content?

Who am I going to be this time? - A fire artist? A designer who designed the DJ booth? The guys who organized a chill corner and bonfires for the whole crowd?

What gift do I want to give this time? Maybe an inspiring burner art installation? Decorate the restrooms? Set up a camp with a bar, a beauty salon? a cafe?

Dream up the ball because our dreams inspire actions, and our actions dictate what will become.

So if you wish to bring content, art and camps to the event - This is the place!

Please note this is not a general event participation form or a DJ participation form, ticket sales will be made through a separate process.

The theme of the event is "masquerade", a theme that allows us to be anything we want to be, allows us to experience and explore something new, romantic, sexy, happy, exciting, scary and varied.

The ball will be attended by about 3,000 participants, in the spirit of the ten principles, the prom will be held on the slopes of Masada and together we will spend time in a mini-wonderland with two amazing community soundstages.

So go ahead and tell us your dreams for the Midburn Masquerade at Masada.


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