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A little something on immediacy and consent:Multiple Faces - A Personal Experience

I went into the world of Midburn almost eight years ago, and it gifted me with something huge - a space where I can be everything that I am. The moments in Midburn where I could fully express myself, independent of the rules of the Default, are among the happiest in my life. These moments are the reason why in Midburn I can really feel at Home, without hiding those parts of me that are just unsuitable for the work I do or the society I surround myself with.

During those moments, cameras were sometimes pointed at me, and these immediately shrinked me. They reminded me of the Default, and suggested that my actions have consequences and these can be captured right there. At these moments I had to stop living in the present, and think of the future. How am I going to look? What will people see? I ceased expressing myself, and went on to present to the camera whatever will be acceptable outside. I shrunk myself into the norms of the Default.

So we can talk about how my sense of Immediacy and Radical Self-Expression, all very important principles, was hindered. But in actuality? I was robbed of my sense of Home.

I believe the photographs that capture those rare magnificent moments in Midburn can also be a great gift, but one that is conditioned on a will to accept it. When there is no enthusiastic consent for the photograph, it no longer captures Midburn, the transformative space where we turn into who we are, but only a superficial filter of Default applied on it.

Let us all preserve our space and our right to be free within it.

Thank you for reading 🤍❄️

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