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final call for stage design and a fire pit

The (very good looking) content team is updating a final call for stage design and a fire pit

Our colorful masquerade is getting close quickly and many of you have already submitted ideas for all sorts of awesome content you want to bring to the event (spoiler - it’s going to be beautiful, pleasant and delicious). But there are still a few very important areas in the event that require some more creative attention from someone (or someones…) that will decide to give them their own character and a unique experience to those who arrive to it.

Fire pit

First and foremost is the fire pit area. This area is the heart of the event, the place where participants go to sit for a moment, relax and warm up after a tour of the playa, drink something after an exhilarating set in one of the dance stages, or just to have a conversation with someone that they just met in the dust. We imagine a hypnotizing fire pit, that draws in everyone to sit around it, together or alone, and just gaze at the fire. We are looking for someone who will give this place its special character.

Music stages in the dance floors

In all honesty, these are the real efigies of the event. There are the centers where everyone bounces around, to and from, and where everyone turns to feel the music pass through their bodies. We are looking for those who want to take the three music stages in the event, and turn them into the worthy thrones for the amazing artists that will play on them, and to a spectacular effigy of which the participants dancing around can't take their eyes off.

If you have the will to take on any of these, hurry up and fill the form. It will stay open until Saturday night, 12/3/2022.


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