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The Content Department invites you to an evening of short TED-style talks by experienced artists who previously brought their art to Midburn. They will talk about crafting an idea, assembling a team, building a model, budgeting and logistics, working in the desert conditions, and other tips and thoughts on how to do it all over again.


Itamar Weinstein - Queen of the Night, 2021

Moria Shetel - Oasis, 2021

Ido Nusbaum - Equilibrium Space, 2017

Boaz Or - Zen Garden, 2022

Lee Ben-Moshe, Neta Bloom - The Field, 2022

Raz Nitzan - Challenges in mid-desert digital art.

We meet on July 12th, 2023, 20:30.

Location: HaNegev 8, Tel Aviv.

Bring a cup and a snack and come on over!


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