After 3 years without the city of Midburn 

A new movement is ready to emerge into the world

The fire is renewed and we're ready to burn 

We wish to be reunited and once again to be a city - a city called Midburn

A city that brings us together, radically inclusive, allowing us to express all our parts

We're coming back home

We're coming back to the future 

We're coming home after we've learned so much, respectfully remembering all that has been, and appreciative of this opportunity to come back home.

We're coming back to the future, to our city in the desert, the city we create, given the values we wish to cultivate in our lives

Coming back to Midburn where we make room for our inner child to believe, to play, to create in simplicity and innocence

All is possible and all starts with us, our inner fire is burning stronger than ever, asking to shine our light and to be seen for miles on end

To give, to participate, to influence

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