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Updates on the Licensing Process #TowardsMidburn

Every year, on our way home, we reach the licensing stage, facing its tremendous challenges. Midburn is still the third largest temporary art city in the world (after the USA and South Africa Burns). Every year since the first Midburn in 2014, thousands of participants arrive from around the globe to build our city, to live, to experience, to create, and to develop.

This unique city, Midburn, is a large city in a small country, with a vast desert that is yet filled with natural reserves and restricted military zones. The difficulty in finding the right piece of land that can accommodate us is an ongoing challenge.

Every year we are required to make the city better. This year’s licensing conditions, given by the local police, refer mainly to the city’s relationship with its neighbors. As part of a worldview that takes civil responsibility very seriously, we’re constantly seeking the best solutions to allow the city to coexist with its surroundings. This year’s licensing conditions may require us to be extra creative, but our experience is that cooperation of the community with local authorities usually yields wonderful solutions. We are also a pretty large community, and for sure, some of us might have some beneficial connections and abilities. If you’re such a person, and want to give us a hand, you’re invited to contact us at .

When we set out to discover the theme for Midburn 2022, “Transitions”, it reminded us to be prepared for all the energy these transitions hold. When “Transitions” came up as a theme, we thought mainly about transitions within us, between the daily default and the Burn, between consciousness states, and all through the gateways of growth and transformation as individuals and as a community. But reality is always much more accurate than our description of it. These transitions are often well outside our comfort zone, and often come with great difficulty and challenges, even though it eventually makes us better.

We are on our way to Midburn.

It’s going to be immensely unique, full of peaks and transitions.

We’ll keep updating.


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