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The Art Fund Grants Policy - Midburn 2023

The Art Fund is a professional body of community members, established for the purpose of distributing grants to the artists of Midburn's main event, according to the criteria set in each year.

As a body that is part of the community, we listen to the changing wishes and desires of all of us as a community and try to express those desires as we understand them and according to the authority vested in us. Last year, the emphasis was on quantity - we as a community arrived at the main event wanting to see a lot of art, and indeed that was the case.

The voices we heard after the last Midburn made us understand that this time, there is a strong desire in the community for complex, multi-layered art that is highly impactful. And no, this doesn't necessarily mean big! But rather art that will arouse strong emotions and leave a mark on all of us as spectators and participants.

It is important to emphasize that we believe there is much room for creations on a smaller scale, and we believe that community members and participants can help support such creations in different creative ways. Together, we can fill the Playa with art of different types and sizes, large and small.

Therefore, because we understand that layered and meaningful art in the space requires greater funding, the funding levels have been updated this year to reflect the additional complexity required.

Grant applicants will choose the grant level they apply for based on the following levels:

70,000 NIS - Two grants (main installations)*

30,000 NIS - Three grants

20,000 NIS - Five grants

10,000 NIS - Ten grants

5,000 NIS - Nine grants

We invite you to dare and soar to the skies.

Good luck!

* Call for applications to create the main installations: Effigy and the Temple

This is a loving call from the Midburn community to the people who will be our art leaders for the main installations at Midburn 2023. These should be people who know the community in general and the community's main event in particular, understand the significance of being the leaders of the event's main installations, have leadership abilities, are team players capable of assembling a talented team, have proven building skills, a vision that inspires imagination and a perception connected to the reality of the enormous effort required in the short time remaining.

Our city needs you. You are the heart of the city.

Information about the Art Fund and its members:


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