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The process of selecting the CEO of Culture Community and Content is over, welcome aboard Lev

The process of selecting the CEO of Culture Community and Content is over, welcome aboard Lev Kreitman

In the previous post we explained the process and who is going to take part in it and now we would like to look back and reflect, because it was fascinating.

19 great candidates submitted CVs.

First, an initial screening was done and nine candidates were selected. The chairman of the board and the organizational consultant went through and looked for management skills along with connection to the community and previous contribution.

With the advice of all members of the board, we realized that in light of the special nature of the community, the selection should be limited to candidates from within the community, since outsiders were not engaged in activities similar to ours.

The remaining six were interviewed by the organizational consultant and her recommendations were submitted to the board and the advisory committee, of which four were chosen to undergo an interview with the board and the advisory committee.

The conversations were fascinating and interesting, each of the candidates had many advantages and a clear vision for the position.

At the end of the meeting, we discussed each of the candidates and each member summarized his impressions.

There was a feeling of unanimity regarding Lev's suitability for the position, yet we were asked to "sleep on it" to make sure there were no reservations. and there were none. Lev Kreitman was chosen unanimously and wholeheartedly by the members of the board, the advisory committee and the organizational consultant.

The committee would like to thank all the candidates who submitted resumes, you are the salt of the playa, the best of the Israeli Burn community. We would love to see each and every one of you continue and integrate more and more into making the burn.

We also thank the members of the advisory committee - Merav Gili Hirsch and Erez Tzilik - for their dialogue, accuracy and willingness to take part in the process. Thanks to Ronit Snir for the guidance and precision in thinking about the role and to Amit for operating the process, meeting the established schedules and hosting the interviews at his home.

Midburn board

Anna Omer Eran Eden Dov

And now a few words from Lev:

There are few occasions in a person's life, when he observes a moment, takes a deep breath and realizes that his life has changed. Today was such a moment when I first got the message: surprising, exciting, overflowing with pride, but also causing astonishment and concern of the magnitude of the challenge.

I didn't know what would happen at the end of this fascinating sorting process, I also went through a journey with myself. But from the moment I decided I was going for it, I was there with all my heart and I would like to thank the board and the advisory committee for the trust they chose to give me. I wish that we will be able to walk together in an attentive and sensitive way that will serve our community and culture with its different shades and needs. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Kabira, for years of work and passion in Midburn. I'm already waiting for our coffee.

I will later write at length about my perceptions and my dreams for Midburn, as well as consultation, conversation and learning sessions for me that I would be happy to hold with anyone who so wishes, we have a tremendous community resource in the form of the association.

But right now I just want to introduce myself and say:

Hello, I'm Lev

34 years old, lives in Jaffa, after many years in Jerusalem and growing up in Afula.

Excited by small things and also by big challenges with special people.

In my day job I work (for a short time) at the Institute for Quality Leadership, an amazing and inspiring place where I deal with the phenomenon of leadership and its translation into managerial skills in the field, and also as a freelancer I produce and create content in the worlds of culture, social initiative and private events. Before that I worked in various associations, I wrote and delivered valuable educational content, I've guided officers, was involved in connecting people and sectors.

The Burn opened up to me fields of self-expression and creativity. I started my journey in the Burn as a participant, then a volunteer at the clinic, I built exhibits, I worked in the association as a "city meets desert" project manager, I dreamed (and still) big with the whole Technodrome gang, I stopped my membership in the association 🙂, I renewed my membership in the association 😌 I was privileged to lead Bernarot twice And today I'm excited to step into the giant shoes of my predecessors in leading Midburn. What a delight to come home.

see you soon


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Leon Feingold
Leon Feingold
Feb 25, 2023

Congrats Lev!

Now, whose job is it to update the site with 2023 information?? :)

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