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The Final Chord

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Reality has always surprised me.

Our minds ability to imagine is limited only by what we know. Our minds can imagine things that have happened to us. They can also imagine things that we have read about or seen, in fairy tales or movies, that are not always realistic in the traditional sense.

But what happens when reality itself just completely blindsides us? Not because what reality brings has never happened, but because it never occurred to us that this could happen in our own life trajectory.

About 4 years ago, in February 2019, the chairman of the executive committee at the time, Anat Frankel, approached me and asked me to take over the management of the association. I had been involved in Midburn as a participant and volunteer since 2015, and two weeks earlier I had even started a paid position as a culture and content leader in the association. I agreed, With a temporary condition that was agreed upon and clear to all of us.

4 years have passed since then.

It took me a while to feel comfortable wearing the CEO hat. I was afraid of the position and challenges that I knew would come my way.

BurninMotion was the turning point for me, creating a brand new event out of the racetrack and the dust was something I had never done before. It was there that I realized that I know my worth and I can do it.

From the first day of the job, the most important thing to me was, and still is, my passion for Midburn.

Midburn is such an inspiring and powerful space and it has so many different layers.

First, the project itself, the definition of a Burn space, where everything that happens is the responsibility of the participants.

The second layer is the creation of the participants, what they bring to the space,

and the time and effort it takes to build the city. Creation does not begin when the city is built. It instead begins from the moment that a group of people who share one common vision and band together until the fulfillment that is manifested in the city. This process cannot be rushed. To create a space that can really be called transformative takes time. Midburn is not only the days of construction and planning, but the unification of all the pieces of the puzzle, of participatory action on all its levels, until the creation of a city.

For me, as someone whose human development is my greatest passion in life, Midburn is an engine of personal and social development. It is needed to change the face of our society, to make us better, closer to ourselves, it is an important event!

That has always been my motivation.

I am a different person today than the one who took office, we have gone through challenging years both as a community, and for me myself as CEO.

Be it no space for the event and no funds, to the vision of BurninMotion, through the coronavirus and the determination for Midburn 2021. And finally, to Midburn 2022. We went through all of these together. The bumps and unexpected turns along the way have taught me both about myself and my abilities, about leadership and vision, and also about the power of this wonderful community. It brought new colors to my life and enriched my world.

First and foremost, I would like to thank the team of department leaders, for trusting and following my lead. This group, as I tried to tell you at every opportunity, was my anchor.

I want to say thank you to the members of the community, from the near and far circles, who learned to trust me, challenged me to be better, more professional, more authentic and the most true to myself.

Thank you Midburn,

For everything and everyone you brought to my life.

We will meet again in the dust,



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