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  • Dan G

The Bear is back. Back to back.


Happy September to all those who celebrate!

Last week we excitedly met with the communications department- they were sweet and made me honey cookies, because after all, not every department has a friend that is a bear. We talked about all of the things we still want to do until we get to the city, and friends listen closely now, we have a lot more plans and not so much time to realize them. In fact, in less than 40 days time, we will be living out our fantasies in the dusty dream! I know you also have a lot of plans, so this is just a little reminder that if you need some assistance vocalizing them, we will be happy to help.

As always there are many things we still want to tell you about- such as a better introduction to one of the departments that will accompany you in the city, important sound matters and more!

So as tradition goes, grab a glass and get ready to read what the bear has put down for us all.

If there is an engine, there is no entry

Have you ever seen a bear on an electric bike? No? There is a reason for that! But leave me out of this one, what is important to know is that motorized vehicles will not be allowed to enter the city without prior licensing. This means no electric bicycles, no electric scooters, leave the tricycle powered by jet fuel at home (this includes the solar skateboard and electric spaceship). If it is not listed (which is mostly Art Cars and motorized wheelchairs) you will have to leave it outside which will be sad for everyone. No one wants to see sad bears or sad burners!.

How are you getting to the city?

We'll discuss how to get to the city, hitchhiking and all other manners of beauty, but right now we'll start by mentioning that youth/children tickets as well as cars and caravans are available for purchase while supplies last. Right here:

Exceptions Committee

Everyone is a unique snowflake, (except for me, I'm a pretty standard snow bear). However, even within this uniqueness there are unusual requests that we want to address. The Exceptions Committee handles two types of requests:

Requests to receive an allocation for a ticket to participate in the event (for unique situations and exceptions)

Request to get permission for a temporary visit (12-16 hours) of a relative at the event.

If this is relevant to you, you are invited to read more here:

Who are the Nomads?

You will see them walking around the city with cloaks helping anyone they come across in need. They may offer you water, they may ask you to turn down the music. But who are the nomads? What is their role? We asked them to tell you themselves.

And that's it for this week, see you in next week's Bear!


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