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The Bear Essentials

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

The Bear Essentials

This is the last bear before we all meet in our beautiful city and explore its wonders.

Soon I too will disappear and become one with the dust.

You may catch glimpses of me off in the distance, shimmering like LED lights and hope reborn.

So remember that you promised me to leave no trace, to embody self-reliance and the other principles. Most importantly, make sure to close your eyes every few hours and just breathe.

This time, I wanted to be the very most practical bear that I can bear to be (teehee) and collect some essential information you will need before heading out to the desert.

We’ll have guidelines, opening hours, map info and more.

So get settled in, bring your highlighter to mark the important info and let’s dive right in.

And don't worry, this is not really my last bear with you.

Let’s Pack

This list for recommended equipment has been making the rounds the last couple of years, and it has most everything you could think of. You are welcome to download it and make it your own.

There are also things you should definitely not pack. Feathers, firearms, electric scooters abd more. Read about it all here:

Getting there


Go to this coordinate, or this one (same coordinate, different navigation apps), and you can find a more detailed explanation here: Your way to Midburn

When: All the opening hours of the city from the initial setup until the official opening of the city gates at 14:00 (2pm) on Monday 10.10

What: Once you reach the gates you will need your ticket (screenshot or printed in case there is no reception) and an ID/ passport. If you have a car you will also need a car pass.


Looking for a friend? Want to explore the space? You made plans at Bosphorus and 8 and you have no idea where it is - You may want to take a check out at the map -

Some important adresses

In cases of medical need, the clinic is near the parking lot in Gibraltar and 8

In cases of mental need, there is a SafeZone in the same area of ​​the clinic

Mita is also there and available at 052-862-2466 to respond in case of sexual harassment


This are the procedures and guidelines from setup to leaving

This is what you need to know to build the city

Procedure for building tents and shading -

Camp Structure Procedure / Tent Complexes -

This is what you need for operating different stuff

Procedure for use of Fire -

This is what you need before leaving

Lost and Found procedure -

Important numbers

Emergency Number: +972-53-4536198

Accessibility: If you need accessibility assistance you can call the hive at: +972-53-490-4192

Mita (BED): +972-52-862-2466

Wanna cool down? Everything you need to know about ice - the only thing to buy in town -

Sound on/off

As you may have heard we have some specific sound guidelines this year. The city will be quiet from 11pm to 7 am and between 2pm to 4pm. On October 10th, the city will observe the sound regulation the whole night. You can read more about it: Midburn Sound 2022 - Midburn Transitions

Let's finish with some reminders

Do not photograph people without their consent

Electrolytes are good for dehydration

You will get dusty

Enjoy, explore and prosper

Love you lots

The Bear


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