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Status Report - Transparency of Purchases vs. Allocations and Ticketing Plan.

Since launching the ticketing program, during a time period when the COVID 19 Pandemic was in significant decline within Israel, things have changed quite a bit.

Some decisions we found appropriate to make were:

1. Ticket allocations for foreigners were reduced from 300 to 150 both because it’s not possible to enter the country, and in light of the general ticket allocation crisis. We believe the correct decision is to transfer the foreigners allocations to the general pool.

2. We increased the number of participants in the event to 7000 people which allows us to include more people in the production departments and also gives us the option to allocate tickets to all members who paid after the cancellation in 2020.

3. We included the Exceptions Committee and Family Reunification.

We have 2 more sales: An additional sale for allocations and another, the final and last sale, for all remaining tickets.

The situation after 3 sales and where we stand:


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