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Midburn Talk 2022 - Performances Participate

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Dear stage animals!

This is a general call to participate in the Midburn Talks event, which will take place on May 8, 2002 in Tel Aviv.

The event intends to give both place and voice to the influence of the Burn culture on us - how it blends into our lives and perhaps even changes them completely.

The evening program will focus on transitions: significant changes, getting out of the comfort zone and the courage required for any changes.

Generally, Life is full in transitions. From infancy to adulthood, from the parents' home to independence, from profession to profession, from ideas to creative processes, from the sacred to the profane, from dreams to reality. Internal and external - we are constantly in motion, in transition, growth, and change.

We are looking for shows that support the main theme of transitions and which deal with transformation, transition, and transformation, either in terms of form or in terms of content. The show can be from any field of the performance arts, or even a multidisciplinary show. You can have your show either live ("unplugged") or with a playback.

Emphasis is placed on having previous stage experience and an existing "number".

The event will include an art gallery and a show consisting of speeches and art pieces, while the audience is seated.

* Important technical details *

Adapted to a stage of 4m on 6m

Maximum number length - 4 minutes

There is amplification (according to specifications). The event staff will provide lighting.

You are required to submit a written description, video / link / photos, technical needs beforehand


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