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Setup - we are at the stage to wish good luck to all those coming into the city

Important items:

Please note - the emergency numbers in the city have changed:

053-4536198 Emergency line Midburn

The above is the new and correct number. It will be posted around the city.

What should you prepare to get the ticket at the gate?



Make sure there are no prohibited items in your vehicle

We want to remind you that the people staffing the gates are everyone's friends.

It is not an easy task but they are doing it with great love, please try to make it easier on them.


Prepare a sign for your car and put it on the front windshield with the following details:



Camp name (or camping location)

These details will make it easier to find you in case it is necessary.

Please do not park in handicapped parking spaces without a handicap parking permit.

Important to remember:

Children are not allowed in the city during setup.

Remember to drink a lot of water, and note all the tips written by the Dr here:

Remember the safety procedures for setup. Here are the links to the procedures for Miburn 2022:

Podcasts for the road: they are excellent and diverse:

Short stories we prepared about Midburn. You can read them to the driver on the way:


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