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Saving / Printing Tickets

Want to save your ticket before the event? Well done you responsible Burner.

Did a unicorn eat your parking ticket? Happened to all of us ...

This way you can view, save or print your Tickets:

  1. Log in to the ticketing system -

  2. Log in using the email you signed up and paid with (very important otherwise you will not see the tickets)

  3. You will receive a temporary code to your email, enter it into the ticketing system

  4. After logging in, click on your profile

  5. Click on MY ORDERS

Press on previous orders

There you will see all of your purchased tickets- participation, additional payment, children, parking, etc.


Please Notice

There is no obligation to print the tickets - we are a green event.

At the same time, we recommend that you keep a screenshot/ picture of the ticket on your phone in case there is no reception.

Please note that at the gate you will need to present the "October" ticket or the additional payment ticket, the children’s tickets, and the parking ticket.

It is not necessary to present the original participation ticket (if you have paid the additional payment), it will not be possible to scan it at the gate.

To avoid scams, try not to share your ticket / barcode / QR image.

At the Gate, it is necessary to present a legal ID and a green pass certificate according to the procedure separately here.


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