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Participation EFFIGY

We want to tell you about the EFFIGY of MIDBERN 2022 – interview with the artists & call for proposal

From were came the idea 

When we heard, that this year the issue of the MIDBERN is "passages" we realized that the EFFIGY, as the main symbol of the city, should allow that passage. 

We looked for something abstract. We wanted to bring something loose and spacious, to change the point of view of the previous EFFIGTS which were a type of TETUM were around the people use to gather.

We are pleased to represent you with the


This time we wanted to create an EFFIGY that you can pass through him, enter inside him, get out from him, feel him hugging you and understand him inside out. 

The idea was to create even EFFIGY – two total identical bodies. Man & Women, Man & Man, Women & Women or maybe both without accurate definition, having no differences. Two, which are actually ONE.

Those bodies will be recognized from great distance. In their togetherness & apartness, in the clear passage between them…to that "birthing" space we added an element – THE BALL. 

THE BALL for us is the thing that develops between the two bodies and connect them. He is red, raging, exciting and cannot be ignore. 

Maybe he is a heart, maybe a uterus, maybe he is we all – it is for you to decide.

We choose this time abstract elements in order to give you all the space to interpret, feel and understand the EFFIGY in your own way. To take him with you throughout all the MIDBERN and see him every time from a new and different angle.

THE BALL will light the EFFIGY and his magic day and night (we will not tell all now in order to keep place for some surprise).  

We invite you to approach the EFFIGY, explore, stand, enter, imagine what his is doing to you, get excited from him again every hour, seeing his appearance change every minute with the "games" of light and shadow, the brake of sunlight on the laterals and in the inner space of the EFFIGY while creating magical and diverse "passages". We can hardly wait.

About the team

Hello, my name is Meir Solomon, chef of mechanical equipment since 2014. I was one of the TAMPEL leaders on 2017. Volunteer in the art department and a co-producer in different structures through the years.

My passion is my work. Over the last 30 years, I make a living from wood & metal works. I am living in Sharon district while my workshop is in Netanya.

This year again, I am building the EFFIGY together with my sun, Omri Solomon and Mr. Yossi Reitman, the architect of the TEMPEL in 2017`s NIDBERN.

My life is MIDBERN. It is my art, the place in which I love to be and my annual vacation. 

Call for proposal:

We are looking for you, handy man (and women of course) that love to build thing with their hand, wood & metal people. 

We don`t believe in paperwork so please contact us directly:

Meir mobile phone: 054-458-3800



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