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Participation at Midburn

The days are passing by, September is getting closer and as we sense the city forming, our curiosity grows.

The Production Departments are pretty much full and many exciting meetings are taking place.

Theme camps and artists are already getting ready - building, painting and reopening containers. We are super excited by the photos being shared by you.

There was an awesome Virgin meetup (September in the desert is nothing compared to July in Tel Aviv).

The general participation signup form is closed (you do not need to sign up to participate). The new system hosting our dreams, helping us all buy tickets and stay in touch with the various communities will soon be live.

There are many amazing and practical initiatives such as: The camp leader’s guide, The artist's guide, and even a cute website which helps us find each other (camps, participants and artists). There are great FB threads on the Midburn pages such as what food is recommended to bring to the event and lots of advice and sharing of information.

It’s heartwarming to feel the activity, participation, inclusion and belonging.

So how do we plan to participate this year? What will be our gift? Where will we live? What will we wear? What will the effigi look like? At which art installations will we fall asleep? Which camp will we fall in love with? And will we finally get to Camp Karaoke this year? Lots of questions, lots...


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