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Moop Team Participation

Hey all! We’re the MOOP department (Matter Out of Place). We’re inviting you to join us in our department, making sure our city returns to the dust, and leaves no footprints. You know it - Leave No Trace is part of our Ten Principles.

We’re in charge of processing all waste in the city from the waste disposal centers before and during the event, to the final tear down, and right until the Resto Commandos kick leaving no grain of sand unturned in finding unruly cigarette buds or a renegade bubblegum wrap.

Plus, anybody who’ve been in Midburn knows - nobody leaves until we say so >:D

So if it's in your blood, if you want to see the desert go back to its beautiful nakedness and make sure we leave absolutely no trace, you belong with us.

Sign up in the link below:


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