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Midburn will rise from the dust

In recent months since the declaration of the event, our community is sizzling.. Midburn Artists and content creators as well as individuals are working in order to bring their very best to our city. Midburn is a temporary city containing the richest art gallery in Israel as a regional part of the official Burning man event. This year we are building the temporary city near the city of Arad.

Unfortunately the rise in covid cases and the restrictions regarding events, even outdoor ones, force us to postpone the event to October with the hope of a positive change in the situation.

Taking into consideration, lockdown patterns in the past, we feel that postponingthe opening of the gates by one month, gives us almost two months from today (15.08.2021) until we enter the site and that this is enough of a pause to enable the event to go ahead.

The city of Midburn will rise on the 25-30 of October 2021


Those who purchased tickets will be able to keep them for the new dates or transfer them to another participant. We are sad for many who dreamt to come to the event and for suppliers who are at loss following the event postponement.

The next ticket sale will occur as planned and will open on the 21st of August.

A reminder that this is the LAST ticket sale and that it will be open for 72 hours.

Tickets which will not be sold will be transferred to the OMG open sale.

The event terms and conditions will be updated and the date of entering the site will change to 5 October 2021 with all that the event postponement entails. In the event that Covid will still provide a threat for us, we have set the 26th of September 2021 as our final decision making date before entering the site so that we do not take the risk of people losing the ticket price Beyond the contribution part of the ticket.

We have no doubt that many are disappointed by this message. With that, we feel that it is our duty to our community, as well as to all israeli citizens, to create and event which will enable the essence and foundation of Midburn to occur, while also taking care of it’s participants from a health and economic angle.

Everything that the participants have done up until now and will continue doing towards the event is the essence of the community. Preparation of the art, the camps, the gifting, the departments at work and all of this labour will be materialised at the event itself, even if this happens a month later.

Midburn is a constant journey of creation and community and not only the event itself.

In the past weeks there have been hundreds of meetings all over the country and the heart expands at the site of the pictures, the excitement, the creativity and the togetherness.

This is the essence of the communal effort.

All the parts in this puzzle will come together in October, Midburn city will rise and be as magical and special as it is intended to be.

And what would Larry have said?

“Well it seems to me that all real communities grow out of a shared confrontation with survival. Communities are not produced by sentiment or mere goodwill. They grow out of a shared struggle. Our situation in the desert is an incubator for community." Larry Harvey


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