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Meeting the Sound Department

Meeting the Sound Department

It’s time to crank up the volume because on Sunday, July 2nd, the Sound Department is having its kick start meeting!

What are we going to talk about?

Limitations? Regulations? We still don’t know what kind of restrictions will be imposed this year.

Nevertheless, we all understand that in order to allow everybody to enjoy sound art in the city, we will all have to adopt some ground rules. So, the purpose of this meeting will be to attempt to define what kind of sound culture we want to have on the Playa this year.

Anyone who intends to bring sound and music to the city, and wants to be part of the process of defining our guiding principles, is welcome to join the meeting.

Last year we were able to overcome tremendous obstacles and accomplish the seemingly impossible, with great success. Dialogue, transparency, and cooperation are crucial, and these will guide us this time also.


20:00 - chitchat, hugs and kisses.

20:30 - we begin.

Midburn house’s rooftop, Negev 8 Tel Aviv

Love you all, and hugely excited,

Sound Department - Mudburn 2023


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