MAPATZ (DPW)-1% to deconstruct

Updated: Aug 26

MidBurn and MAPATZ (DPW) are proud to present the newest innovation in Burner history


Because after we all enjoy our time in the desert and cry and laugh and get confused and drunk and cry again and meet someone and get drunk again, someone needs to brake down our amazing city. So why not extend your Midburn and help all of us finish this even with our head on our shoulders? We are trying to sign up at least one percent of our whole city to stay for brake-down. 1% that is only 70 people, that is it.

So if you want to be one of the strong few sign up in this link –

all of you who choose to join the breakdown will enjoy our amazing camo facilities, shade for you and your tent, water, shit-load of booze (donated by the weak ones who ran away) showers, 3 meals a day and other supprisess that only the strong few who stay for breakdown know.

So be a part of the top one-percent and sign up


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