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Invitation to participate in Burn Week Global Live Stream

Invitation to participate in Burn Week Global Live Stream

August 22-September 5, 2021 FORM SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Aug 1st please

We cordially invite you to take part in the Burn Week Global Live Stream!

What is the Burn Week Global Live Stream?

  • We are an official Virtual Burn Experience, and our purpose is to amplify and show off the Global Burning Man Culture, which is most perfectly embodied in the many regional communities, artist collectives, and events that have proliferated across the world.

  • Our live stream will simulcast in multiple worlds August 22nd for “build week”, and run a broadcast each day from August 29th till September 5th.

  • We will be featuring communities from a different continent each day of the week, Monday-Friday for 3 hours each day.

  • On Saturday we will have a 24 hour stream featuring ALL parts of the globe.

  • On Sunday, we will explore Regional Temple Profiles and Stories, featuring interviews, footage of regional Burner temples in the world, and a narrative about the various projects and how our community is evolving the concept as it spreads around the globe. That will lead up to the stream of the online temple burn organized by the Lotus Temple Immersive Team.

  • Our goal is to bring the global community together through info sharing, inspirational education, and play!

We wish to be a venue for you to share a little (or a lot) about your region, art, and community. We want you to have flexibility in what you create, but here are ideas.

How can your Region or Regional Gathering Participate?

  1. Host a Live In Person event that we stream in real time. For example:

  • A 1-3 hour live talk show about your part of the world on one day Mon-Fri. You might partner with others on your continent.

  • A short talk or show-and-tell to give a flavor of what usually goes on in your region.

  • A fun Burner Travel Show and live tour of your event or Burner community art/maker space.

  • Commentary over a highlights reel of what you did or are doing to stay sane during the pandemic.

  • Your local Regional Contact or Regional Event team might preview what you are planning next in your region, etc.

  • We can create a special page for you on Burn Week, with or without a chat where you can broadcast a gathering in your region to the people of Earth! This can be a backyard thing or something bigger. (Note: Requires a stable internet connection and technical savvy on your team to run OBS or similar. We can provide some support to help you get set up.)

  • Interviews or statements from Regional Event Temple builders or Burners who have created temple-style public art inspired by our community’s tradition of temple making.

  1. Create Pre-recorded Content, for example:

  • Invite key people into a Video Conference, and record an interview or discussion about past events, upcoming events or philosophies

  • A Highlight reel or archival footage from past Regional Events you've held

  • A quick narrated slideshow telling the story about your region/event!

  • Showcase Regional Artists who are connected with your community

  • Story about a temple project, temple team, or meaningful experience at a regional temple or at a temple at Burning Man.

  1. Something we haven’t thought of : )

We will also be searching for thoughtful emcees to speak knowledgeably about the Global Burner Network, history and culture. So hit us up if you are interested or know great candidates.

What's In It For You?

  • Featuring your amazing community and region/event

  • Connecting new community members with each other in your region

  • Building community through hosting live events (online or in-person) with your community and creating content

  • Helping people understand Burners are a year-round, global community

  • Fun!

Go To and fill out the form, letting us know what it is you would like to do. If you already have something to upload, the form will provide an opportunity to get us the files. Upload away...and, if you can, add a title page and a running title/watermark with name of event and location, so it is clear what the heck people are looking at during the broadcast.

Let’s all take this opportunity to connect as a global community, learn from each other, and play! We look forward to hearing from you! If you would like to reach us directly, please be in touch at .

It’s up to us what we create!

~ Burn Week Team


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