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Let's talk about sound


Let's speak sound,

We all know that one of our challenges at Midburn is noise,

We all want to bring the biggest and best sound systems available, to play, dance and lose ourselves in the dust. This is one of the gifts that most of our content producers really try to incorporate into their content.

On the one hand, it's amazing. On the other hand, Midburn is a small city within a small country and sound pollution can easily become a nuisance.

Inside - we are a relatively small city, with 7500 inhabitants which create a rather dense and lively city. We do not have infinite space. This means that if an amplified speaker plays- it will be heard all around, and not only in our own living room.

Outside - our city has neighbors, villages and towns nearby. Neither we nor they want the residents of the temporary city who come for the week to be noisy and become a nuisance.

This year we decided to take the issue of sound, and our treatment of it, one step further- for the residents of the city and for its neighbors.

How does this happen ?

Every content producer, who includes sound in their content, is required to define the radius of the noise they produce

  • Radius 0 - not noisy and not disturbing.

  • Radius 1 - may interfere with having a quiet conversation in the content area.

  • Radius 2 - may interfere with having a quiet conversation in the area and its second circle up to 10 meters from the center of the noise

  • Radius 3 - may interfere with having a quiet conversation in the third circle, and up to 50 meters from the center of the noise

Please note that there is no radius 4 - there should not be a "noise" center in Midburn 2022 that interferes with having a quiet conversation within a radius of more than 3 camps from it, or at a distance of more than 50 meters, depending on its type!

It is important to all of us that any content we bring will contribute to the experience and be pleasant and considerate of all of us, within the city and beyond it.

In addition to the definition of the sound radius circles, a restriction was added this year on the size of the systems that a sound center can use. This is done according to the radius of the noise it produces.

A theme/ art camp / free camp / art cars that did not declare their sound system will not be permitted to turn it on.

Art Cars are allowed to make noise during the day and no later than 23:00 PM only, according to the defined radius.

  • Should you feel that it is difficult for you to have a conversation, alert the person who is currently activating the content which is producing the sound.

  • Pay attention to the license signs, if the content you are near has exceeded the limit approved for it, you are welcome to ask the person in charge to lower it.

How to comply with licensing?

  • Complete and pass the sound licensing which will take place on 9.10 and at the end you will be given a license approval sticker.

(Content without a sticker will not be allowed to play sound!)

  • Theme camps must direct any loudspeaker or amplifiers towards the interior of the camp area, and not towards any of the adjacent neighbors (not even towards those across the road)

  • Art Installations must direct their sound according to the marking of the sound direction that appears on the map.

  • You must coordinate the "noisy" activity hours with the content close to you and consider their wishes and needs as much as possible.

  • The nomads and the sound team will not be able to intervene in content coordination issues.

Exceeding the sound licensing conditions may result in:

Unplugging the content for two hours.

Repeated deviations from the licensing conditions may lead to disconnection of the content from the electricity until the end of the event, at the discretion of the lighthouse and in accordance with the licensing conditions agreed upon in advance.

Any damage that may be caused by the power cut will be the sole responsibility of the content producers.

It is the responsibility of all of us, as a community, to prevent noise pollution. Both inside and outside.

Together we will protect the community and our city that, although temporary, ripples through the area long after we leave.

For any questions, we, the sound department, are at your disposal.

Lots of love

Appreciate the cooperation

Sound 2022

See you in the dust


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