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How do you get to the city?

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

How do you get to the city?

If you’re coming to the city for construction and preperations, until Sunday, Oct 24:

You should arrive at this location, from this point you should be getting off the road and follow the signs.

If you’re coming to the event itself, starting Monday, Oct 25:

Get to this location; this is the traffic circle you need to reach. Then, turn right (you'll see signs from the roundabout)

Directions: go on road 31 towards Arad. Exit at Kseife interchange, go under the bridge (5.8M height, for the trucks among us) and drive towards Makhul and Drijat. From the interchange exit, count 3 circles and in the third one (marked in Waze) go right - follow the signs.

We ask NOT to stop on the side in Drijat and Makhul area, so we won't disturb our neighbors.❤️


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