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Hello! We are the Department of MOOP

Hello! We are the Department of MOOP - Matter Out Of Place, or how we say in Hebrew - Matter that don't belong. To whom does it not belong? To you, to us and certainly to the area that will host our Playa. We are basically talking about the waste that will be generated before, during and at the end of the event. Waste that will arrive with camp members and waste that you may leave behind without your intention. Doing so will create a tremendous environmental and image hazard and will affect your enjoyment throughout the event. To prevent this, we are here! How will we do that? First of all we want to intrude you a burn principle you may have known - Leave no trace. We are committed not to leave any trace for our activities, clean up after ourselves and strive to leave the place in an even better condition than we have reached. Before the event - expect to receive a message from the person in charge of MOOP at your camp, and make sure to bring as few things as necessary. The things you have brought, make sure to take them back with you. During the event - did you find dirt? Be sure to bend over, pick up, take it with you and throw it in the trash in your camp or tent. And just as importantly, spark a conversation on the subject with all the friends around you. In the end of the event - we at Hashlash (MOOP in Hebrew) will make sure that the camp qualifies for a clean area and that all types of waste have reached their destination. You personally will make sure to not leave the camp without cleaning up after yourself. It is important for us to emphasize! The solution is not to throw rubbish at the nearest gas station or in the cities on the way, the rubbish that has no solution should be taken with us and thrown in the private garbage cans of the camp members in order not to burden the council that hosts us, and maintain good relations. And do not forget! Not only the material leaves traces but also our behavior. It is important that we remember in the to keep everyone with us in the process, as well as those outside of it, because our behavior as individuals affects the entire community. Be true to yourself and your self-expression, taking into account the person standing in front of you. Believe us, it will make you enjoy more 😊 Do you have any questions for us? Talk to us here in the comments / Email us -


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