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C'mon home – an unconference to set Midburn 2023 in motion

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

What do I have to do to come home? First, I need to enter the gate. For an evening, we will create and envision the gate to the city. The first step in the process, we will dream of the house, and start adjusting the Lego pieces that create the city. What do I have in my house that makes me feel good? A living room to host guests A space for everyone, especially for “virgins” Art. Plenty of light (who said Led-lights) A pleasant conversation The clothes I adore Some food and drinks My survival gear from the attic

Oh and of course to enjoy all this I need my keys, so ticketing will be one of the topics we will discuss

For an evening, a small Playa, a big community – we will gather round:

Participation and communal effort: The usual deal – everyone contributes to the agenda at hand, and that’s why it is a non-conforming conference.

Representatives will speak about the vision, schedule, ticketing, volunteering and recruitment, virgins and more and You will bring the topics that matter to you to start our journey back home.

For those who are looking for fellows to this wonderful journey - It is also an opportunity to form new connections.

The entire space is a road to lead us home. Whoever you are – solos, freecampers, unicorns, departments, camps, projects, artists… if you wish to take part in creating this event – you are invited – fill me in now.

So – c'mon home.

Design Terminal, Bat Yam 29/6/23 – 18:30


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