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From the experiences of a virgin

From the experiences of a virgin - I came to my first Midburn …” alone and scared

I heard about the Midburn for the first time in 2017 and thought to myself it was a music festival of the “patients” in the desert, after some stories, experiences and pictures it would have seemed the most fun thing in the world.

So in 2018 I decided to go to Midburn, at that time I worked a lot. I found a camp through a guy I worked with, I did not get to join the camp so unfortunately I felt quite out of the "bunch" and really scared to attend the event itself especially I felt alone.

Eventually I collected myself I found a ride and went down south to the desert, as soon as I got there I was scared of all the colors and people and I was surprised that everyone is so nice and accepting.

At night as soon as the sun went down and all the colors and the huge circus show started I really realized this was the place for me

I opened up, met people and had experiences and took part in this huge party

From that moment everything was fun and I was just sorry that the days go by so fast and just waited for the next year that never happened :(

I recommend to anyone who wants to come and has no one to go with . Not to be afraid and make the move! He or she will certainly not regret it! At worst it was an experience 😉”

Stav zysblatt

We want to invite everybody to join the virgin meeting

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