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FAQ about tickets and the new Midburn date

Will the upcoming ticket sale be postponed, given the postponement of the event to October?

Midburn is attentive to the many enquiries and are considering the option of postponing the sale. Currently, the plan is that the ticket sale scheduled for August 21st will take place and the sale duration will be Extended until Thursday, August 26th.

On a personal note, we believe that the following information can greatly help shape the plan: how many can arrive with certainty, how many cannot certainly arrive, how many are undecided (and of course when the participants will be able to notify us about their opinion).

I bought a ticket but ‘shucks’ I cannot come. Is my money gone?

Not at all :) You can choose to transfer the ticket and receive the full amount you paid from the buyer.

How do I transfer a ticket?

Are you part of a team? camp/art car/art installation/art performance/flying art? The easiest way is to contact your camp/art leader. They probably know how to find someone who can both contribute to the community effort as well as purchase the ticket from you.

Are you the camp/art leader? Excellent! In the protocol for ticket transfers, there is a form to fill out in order to enable the ticket transfer.

I received an allocation via Low Income / Seniors / Accessibility / Internationals. How do I transfer my ticket?

Please contact the ticketing department at It could very well be that they have someone belonging to the category of your allocation, who is on the waiting list and waiting anxiously for an available ticket.

So who am I actually allowed to sell my ticket to right now?

Initially, please try to transfer the ticket within your camp / art / department from whom you received your ticket allocation in the first place.

Just recently when the allocations were distributed, we all grieved over the scarcity of allocations and thought of creative ideas of how to make more from less... And now we wish to help the departments/ installations/camps rise up and bring their dreams to the Playa.

For example - You have received the allocation from your camp because you are in charge of the budget and build amazing excel sheets? We believe the camp will still need someone to do your important work and for that it will need your allocation.

No success? The team from which you received the ticket allocation doesn't need it back?

No problem! There are still a lot of teams who need more allocations for their hard-working team members.

For example, your art installation does not need your allocation? The content department will be happy to find a warm home for your allocation in another team that needs allocations.

Still no success? You can transfer the ticket allocation to whomever you want.

Please note that any ticket transfer must go through the ticketing department as described in the ticket transfer procedure.

What happens if the city doesn't rise at the end of October after all? Will you refund the money (minus the donation part) or will there be an option to save the ticket for the next event?

As long as the city rises in 2021, the ticket, including the donation part, are valid. In case of postponement from the original date. If it does not take place during 2021 - in this case there are two options:

1) To cancel the ticket and get a refund minus the donation part and the clearing fee.

2) To receive a credit for the same amount for Midburn city which will be built in 2022 (the credit will be for the cost of the ticket, minus the donation part). Please see more information here:

I understand from a response in another post that there is seeding of crops planned on the site in November and that it returns to its agricultural state. When is the next window to hold an event on the site?

It is possible after the harvest. However there is no certainty regarding when exactly this will be and we are not sure we want to hold an event during the hot months of July and August.. So at this specific site? Probably only in about a year’s time.

Why did you announce only after the sale and not as planned on August 25th?

Sadly, for us as well, this is how it happened. There was a lot of pressure from parts of the community to postpone and an update was issued by the government as well, which limited up to 5,000 people in an open space. We felt and understood that the decision date could not be on August 25th as originally planned. We also thought that a month's postponement could give hope that by then the government's decisions would change for the better. In addition, rumors from Midburn board meetings began to leak and we wanted to convey the situation in full transparency.

Will there be another option to register for content creation, in view of the event postponement?

No such option is currently planned, but "at Midburn as at Midburn", we are open to developments. If there will be such a possibility, be assured that we will advertise it.

What happens if my camp is canceled?

First of all it is, of course, very sad if this happens. If a camp is canceled, then those who want to cancel their tickets will be able to transfer the ticket to other buyers from the content department in order to strengthen the teams that do arrive at Midburn.

Why is the ticket comprised of a donation and an entrance ticket?

Please refer to the following post for a full answer:

Where can I read all the information and learn about the chain of events?

We’re happy you asked! You can read all the posts regarding tickets here:

What happens if I have already spent a lot of money on an art installation and now I cannot come? Will I still receive a grant from the Art foundation?

You can still get a refund from the foundation. It is strongly recommended to communicate with your angel or with the art foundation.

What if I received allocations for myself and the entire team for an art performance, and now the performance will not arrive at the Playa - will the allocations remain even though we will not bring content to the city?

Allocations which are not purchased for installations and camps that do not reach the Playa will not be reserved.

If you have more questions, we will be happy to hear and help with answers!


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