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Early arrival, gate and setup

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Congratulations on the early entry. We earned a few extra days of living in the world of the Ten Principles, and now to work ;-)

Minors and animals will not be allowed to enter during setup

Entry will be allowed only after presenting a valid green card or PCR test taken twenty-four hours before arrival at the event.- Read all details

Ticketing party - On 25.10, 9:00 all early arrival residents are invited for a ticketing party where they will pick up their tickets and join the first official burn party. Make sure to bring your ticket (with the barcode) and an official ID.

Location: 06:00 and promenade

Gate Hours:

Gate Opens

Gate Closes





נשאר פתוח



Stays Open


The Gate will close from 2:00 - 8:00 AM








20:00 *From 18:00 Cars will only be allowed to enter the parking lot and not the CIty

From 20:00 and until the official event time the gate will be closed



15:00 Estimated at

* On the 24th from 18:00 cars will only be allowed to enter the parking lot and not the CIty and from 20:00 and until the official opening on the 25th there will be no entrance permitted (not even to the parking lots)

Tickets @ the gate

I'm ticking

Identity card - only an official ID: ID Card, Passport, license. Only!

Entrance ticket (with Barcode)

Negative Corona test result (PCR) 24 hours before arrival at the event.

The vehicle is ticketing:

  1. Participants' vehicles drivers will present a vehicle ticket with an entrance ticket and an ID.

  2. After unloading the vehicle in the event area, the vehicle must be taken out to the parking lot.

  3. Park only in areas marked with a red-yellow grid in the parking lot. It is forbidden to park close to the fence.

24.10.2021 - 18:00 - All vehicles must be removed from the city area (Playa and camps) to the parking lots.

Vehicles that arrive for construction after this time will not be permitted to enter the city (Playa and camps).

Campervans / caravans - ticketing

Arrival and setup


You must arrive at the compartment located in the Salon to announce your arrival and receive your location by field representatives.

Do not start setup without a field representative at any stage!

The camppartri will be active from 8:00 - 18:00 only - for safety reasons it will not be operating at night.

If you arrive at night - Please wait for the morning

Free Campers

Do not set up early!

If you are Free Camper and arrive for construction or art installation setup there is a designated place for your tent in the production camp. Once the gate opens you can set up your free camp in your free camp area of choice :-)

Early Arrival - Suppliers

  1. Suppliers’ access to the installations will only be possible during setup and breakdown.

  2. Suppliers will not be allowed to enter without filling out an access registration form. A separate form for each vendor

  3. Suppliers must be accompanied by a representative from the installer of the content from the moment the supplier arrives at the gate until they leave the gate after unpacking.

  4. Suppliers’ permission to enter on Saturday 30.10 is estimated to be at 15:00 once the police approve.

  5. Each supplier will be required to sign a temporary supplier form on the gate

Setupper notes:

When a person enters the city gates, he will be confirmed at the gate and the system will know how to track him and reduce the allotment, from a specific camp/production department/installation.

When a camp/installation/department exceeds the amount allowed, no more people from the camp / INstallation/ department will be allowed to enter.

Try to avoid discomfort.

Early arrival allocation:

Camps - 25% of the camp participants

Art - subject to approval from the Content Department

Production - depending on the need for the setup and operation of the department under construction.

In any case, do not arrive at the city if you have not filled out the early arrival form (at the lead).


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