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Dismantling the city - Exiting - What? It’s already over?

Saturday 30.10.2021

08:00 am - Changing the gate from an entrance to an exit

12:00 - The city will officially shut down, "What? It’s over?"

15:00 - Entry of vehicles and entry of suppliers for dismantling

* Evaluation - Subject to police approval and subject to delays

All residents, who are not left to dismantle the DPC - Department of Public Works, must leave the area on Saturday, October 30. If there is a problem, please contact the Control Room.


Vehicles will be allowed to exit through the gate complex and through the emergency exits on the western fence.

Credit for the Area

1. Fill in the relevant form:

Art Credits Form - Camp Credits Form - Pre - Camp Credits Form

2. Find a person in charge of the credit team: with a glowing green bag on the back, go to the living room, call 054-988-2431

3. The person in charge of credits arrives in the field and confirms a credit (or requests additional forfeiture)

4. Receive credit confirmation

5. Go to the traffic boutique in the administration with the approval of credit for the introduction of vehicles for loading

Traffic and Parking

On the day of dismantling the traffic lanes will become exit and traffic lanes please keep vehicles flowing safely and slowly.

Introduction of vehicles for dismantling - In order to receive approval for the introduction of vehicles for loading, you must obtain a permit to credit the area and arrive at a traffic boutique (Hercules 9:00).

Entry of vehicles and suppliers will be allowed in our estimation and without a vow around 15:00 and will be handled by the police.

Entry will be possible after the area has been credited and with the presentation of a vehicle entry permit.

Read all details Exodus Midburn Procedure 2021 Traffic Department

Parking Boutique Location: 9:00 a.m. Hercules (Principal)

Garbage Transfer Station

Location: The station is located at the entrance to the city, near the logistics complex, northwest of the camp complex. See on map

Hours of operation: On the day of the dismantling of the city (30.10) - 10: 00 -18: 00

The city (25-29.10) - 14:00-17: 00

What currents are there this year at a transit station? How much does it cost to bury garbage? How to get a free coupon for sorted trash and more for further reading about the Midburn transit station

Exodus Procedure - Midburn 2021 - Traffic Department

Entry of vehicles into the city compound for dismantling.

Due to licensing restrictions and for the safety and security of all participants in the event, the entry of vehicles for the purpose of dismantling will be limited and graded, after a major mass of crowds leave the city and will be managed by the Traffic Department and the Israel Police.

Entry of vehicles and suppliers will be allowed, and after consultation with all licensing and security officials, in our estimation and without a vow around 15:00

The introduction of transport trucks for dismantling depends on the approval of the police in the field, please be patient despite the pressure and the desire to end the activity so that we can assist you.

Content: From camps / art exhibitions

A camp / exhibit that has finished dismantling and packing and is interested in bringing the truck for loading will photograph the camp dismantled packed and clean, after approval from the DIP, and will arrive at the boutique of the traffic department (in the production complex at the administration) and then receive permission to enter the trucks.

The trucks will be brought in according to the queue and only after the camp representative/exhibitor arrives to receive them at the gate.

Intended for entry - Gate opposite 9:00

Trucks that arrive for the purpose of loading camp equipment and exhibits at the end of the event, will create an orderly queue at a place that will be trained and managed by the traffic department.


External suppliers who are transporting caravans will enter the city for the purpose of transporting the caravans in parallel with the trucks and in the same procedure (after the caravan is ready for loading, and with a foot escort in front of the vehicle) through the exit in front of the 9:00 gate.

Caravans led by the city's residents and the vehicle leading the trailer are in the parking lot, will be able to do so in accordance with the queue managed by the traffic department through the suppliers' parking lot.

Caravans that are in the camps will be able to vacate after receiving the approval to complete the dismantling of the camp, while caravans parked in the Free Camp areas will be able to vacate in accordance with the queue managed by the traffic department.

The exit from the city will be through the portal.

Private vehicles

No entry of private vehicles into the city will be allowed until the decision on the end of the event is made by the event manager, the production and the security company and after the departure of all the audience and the security forces


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