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Department rules and instructions

While we are walking towards the dust it’s important for the DMV Artcarz department to set the ground rules and to guide, clarify and enlight all of us so we can all have a safe event , we are all responsible to maintain the community safe and for Midburn to happen just as magical as we can imagine: 

1. All Motorized vehicles must have a permit from the DMV art cars department . 

2. The permit will be granted only to those who already submitted the registration form (which was closed on June 30th) .

3. Every electrical vehicle that doesn’t fulfill the registration requirements such as: electric bike , electric scooter , electric unicycle etc., would not be allowed to enter Midburn.

4. Art carz are considered art installations and any use of them must be according to its permit, which is granted for the artist and his team only . 

5. An Art carz garage will be located in the central area of Midburn and will be open throughout the event for artists to leave their art carz in. 

6. The rules will be enforced throughout the event in order to keep the event safe and for it to stand under the government requirements.


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